Friday, 16 June 2017

BFL 173, The Collected Life In The Buckfast Lane!

Yep! Just to prove 'you don't get nothin' for nothin'.... Well, you do actually, the whole damn fish, but.... Anyway, it's time for the inevitable sales pitch for the newly revised edition of Life In The Buckfast Lane. Here's the braw blurb....

Life In The Buckfast Lane: A City Of Two Tales
£5.99 RRP, 130 pages, B/W landscape format, Suggested for mature readers.
Written and drawn by Rob Miller.

It’s as blackly comic and as bleak as they come....

Going deeper than Still Game and darker than Limmy, this 130 page collection gathers together the complete Life In The Buckfast Lane saga, all 200+ strips of Rob Miller’s weekly and weekend edition webcomic. Featuring a cast of colourful characters (with language to match!) this is an expertly rendered and typically bleary-eyed trip into the ‘by any means’ city, showing a side of Glasgow no one wants you to see.... but everyone knows is there!

(With a slightly rejigged running order and 10 extra pages of new material - the missing story link! - it's now an even more essential underground purchase....)
Oh dear, Green Place....

Consider buying it here!

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